Circle of Stars

Psychic Request for Proposal

Circle of Stars is interested in purchasing the services of experienced, heart centered, qualified, Intuitive Counselors, Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, and Psychics to fulfill the requirements of their customer contracts. We are seeking entrepreneurs who have a strong work ethic to serve others and meet the following:

  • You have a USA phone number
  • You are able to commit to being available 40 hours a week or more to build your online business.
  • You are confident you have the skills to develop a flourishing repeat business.
  • You create an engaging listing under Love and Relationships

If you are qualified please respond by providing the information requested in the space below. Your response will be reviewed once your application is complete. We will contact you immediately once a decision has been made to independently contract with you or your company.   Frequently Asked Questions

All fields are required.  Press the Tab key to advance to the next field. If you are having issues please email or call 619-722-0009.

Address Information

Phone Number Information

Primary Phone Number
This will be the number at which we will call you to provide readings.

Secondary Phone Number
Other telephone numbers from which you may wish to offer readings.

Social Security Number

  • Subject to third party verification.

Create Web and Phone Logins

  • Your Username can use up to 20 characters. It may contain spaces. This will be the name that customers will see. We recommend that you select a name that is user friendly, such as "Lady of the Stars."
  • 6 to 20 characters. No spaces.
  • 4 digit PIN for calling in and using our phone service.

Zodiac, Gender, Experience, Languages

Please enter your zodiac, gender, experience and languages. These will be used to complement your listing for customers seeking individual traits.

Credentials (optional)

We recommend listing credentials. This can help your listing. Please have documentation to support any of your credentials. Credentials can include educational degrees, psychic membership organizations, affiliations and employment.

Psychic Agreement and Privacy Policy

Circle of™ Psychic Independent Contractor Agreement   Printer-friendly Version


 I have reviewed and agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement and the Privacy Policy

 I swear, under penalty of perjury that I possess psychic/clairvoyant gifts and I have experience as an intuitive counselor, tarot reader, astrologer or psychic.

I certify that all of the above information is true, and allow Circle of Stars to look into any references they feel necessary.

By completing the registration and clicking on the button labeled "I Agree", you are entering into a contract with Circle of Stars through a legally binding electronic signature.You are also consenting to use of electronic disclosures, agreements and records.To view our comprehensive electronic disclosure, including how to terminate your consent, .